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It’s YOUR dispute.

Mediation is a process in which the parties to a dispute discuss the issues and negotiate
possible settlements with the help of a trained, qualified Mediator who has no power to decide the matter.

Mediation is a way to resolve a dispute that keeps the decision-making power in your hands,
instead of employing a judge, arbitrator or referee to decide on a resolution.

Mediation uses the presence and skill of a trained, neutral third party—a facilitator—who
helps you say what you need to say, and hear what you need to hear, so that you can fully
and confidently participate in the creation of a satisfactory resolution.

Mediation can significantly reduce the time, money and energy parties usually spend on going to court.

While litigation is known as a stress-producing process for parties, mediation can actually
be a stress-relieving process as you work toward resolution.

Mediation acknowledges that your needs, interests, concerns and feelings are crucial to a
resolution that feels fair to you—unlike litigation, which relies on rules of evidence and procedure
to reach a resolution that seems fair to a judge.

Mediation invites parties to meet at the table, in a professional, but comfortable, atmosphere
of respect, dignity and self-determination.

Through Mediation, it can be YOUR resolution.


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